Darren & Emily's Shower

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I had a wedding shower for this cute couple on Saturday.  It went really really well.  I had some excellent helpers.

I had some behind the scenes helpers too....My sister in law Darcie made these signs...

And my sister made the tags for the cocoa favors....

Other details....

I actually didn't take any of these pictures.  In fact....I have no idea who did.  I'm just glad that someone swiped my camera and took some.

 This picture sums up Micah and Emily's relationship. 

And i'm not sure what they were joking about but I love these pictures too....

I think everyone had a fun time.  Twenty days until the big event!



Sunday, December 7, 2014

I think this is the fifth (or is it the sixth year?) of helping my boss with Thanksgiving guests. We had a good time as always.  This trip was a little shorter then the last few.  Mainly because we didn't cook.  We ordered the entire meal from a country club.  It was fantastic!  I didn't have to cook or do as many dishes.  There was just serving and then clean up after everyone was done eating.

  Every time we go to Scottsdale we go to a restaurant called Mastros.   The food is ridiculously good.  We always get the party room with a window to the kitchen. 

This time my boss ordered lobster for us all to share....

I think that lobster is incredibly over rated.  It's tasteless and a tad rubbery.  Everyone else sang it's praises.  I just couldn't. 

Friday we went shopping.  My boss was very generous and let me go on a little shopping spree.  My co-worker wasn't with us this time but the boss still wanted to buy her stuff.  So guess who got to pick out stuff for her? 

Me.  It was stressful but fun all at once.  It's hard enough shopping for myself in three hours or less.  Let alone someone else.  But I managed to pick her out some things that I thought she would like and also some things that I thought she should wear. 

She said she liked everything.  I don't really believe her but it's nice of her to say that. 

I got a little bit of everything.  I was really looking for work jeans.  Of course I didn't find any of those.  Are all jeans these days skinny jeans?  I  can't wear those to work.  I found a skirt and a lot of blouses and sweaters.  I got a new pair of work shoes and a pair of boots.  I found a robe and a couple pairs of tights. 
Here's some of the stuff....

I also got a dress to wear to Darren's wedding! That was a huge relief.

 I have a lot of nice clothes. 
And yet....these are my absolute favorite thing to wear.

See the elastic?  Obviously  I don't wear these out of the house.  But I wear them every day that they are clean. 

Friday night we went to a Canadian Tenors concert.

 Unfortunately ...half of what they sang were Christmas songs.  The other half was beautiful.  They sang my two favorites...The Prayer and Hallejuah.  If you get a chance go to YouTube and type in Canadian Tenors and those two songs.  They are breath taking. 
I cried through each one of them.  I was sitting by one of my bosses pilots and I swear he inched away from me.  Haha. 

We left on Saturday morning. 

It was really nice to be home. 

And on a entirely different subject....I bought a recliner.  It's in my office.  I think that officially makes me a old person. 

I fought it for a long time.  But they really are the most comfortable chair.  Even if they are bulky and ugly.  I think I may get rid of the shelf.  The wedding stuff on the other side will be gone in a few weeks.  It doesn't look to bad in there.  And I tell you what....I could sleep in that chair.

 I will draw the line at putting plastic covers or towels over the arms and back. 

For now anyway. (:


Well Hello There!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I know I know.  It's been months.  It's funny because I always thought that when I started to feel better I would blog more. 
But it's just the opposite. 
I feel fantastic.  But I think I'm just busy with life now. 
I miss blogging though.  I will try harder to show up here more often.  
So yes, I have been feeling great.  I went to a psychiatric nurse who got the medications just right.  I'm on two.  One high dose and one lose dose. 
Its the perfect cocktail. 
For now anyway. 
There are no guarentee's with depression.
You are never cured. 
But for now I am enjoying this ride as long as I can.

The last few months have been busy.  We went on a riding trip. 

My baby boy graduated to a big boy bike. 

Ok he's not a baby.  And the bike isn't a boy bike.  It's a man's bike.  But it's sort of frightening so I am going to keep calling it a big boy bike.

And in other news, my oldest is getting married!

She is a sweet girl and I love her a lot.  Apparently so does he.  (:

Planning a wedding means hours looking on Pinterest.

It's a fantastic time waster.  But also key to some great ideas.

I've also been working out.  I follow a program called PIYO.

It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

The videos are easy yet challenging all at the same time.  If that makes any since.  There is no cardio.  No weights. 
Anyone can do the moves. 

I have been through 60 plus days and now I am starting over. 

I know I have a long ways to go, but I do believe that I have a baby bicep growing. 

Piyo has been great and I plan on doing 60 more days.  However, I think I want to add something to it.  My "coach" (Micaiah Worstell!!!) recommended another BeachBody program called Body Beast.

There are other programs that sound great but most of them help you lose weight.  I don't want to lose any weight. 
I just want to be strong and firm.
So I think I will try this.

Here's a Before and After.

When Micaiah sent me the link to the sample video she said, "now don't let Sagi intimidate you."  Which was really funny because as soon as I watched it I thought, "Sagi is scary and mean and he is huge!  I don't want to be huge!" 
I am pretty sure I will not get huge beings that I will be using weenie ten pound weights.  

My therapist and medication nurse seem to think that the excersise is helping tremendously with my depression.
Maybe it is. 
Even if it's not, I am not going to quit. 

I will try and keep you posted.  And if I get brave enough I will show you some before and after photos of myself. 
Hopefully I will be back soon.


Whats Up

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged since May.  I'd thought I would do a brief recap.

First off, most importantly, I am feeling better.  Alot better.  It took awhile for the meds to kick in.  But when they did....it was glorious.  I think about it every day.  The way I felt for so long, it was miserable.  I understand why people end it.  Seriously I do.  It was awful waking up every morning and having to talk myself into every step I made.  Literally.  So I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to wake up and feel like waking up.  I hope it lasts.  So far so good.  It has made the summer much more enjoyable.

So!  I went to Wyoming at the beginning of summer.  It was beautiful.  It always is.

We had our Regional Convention.

It was amazing.

And I got to spend alot of time with these kiddos.

It was a big bonus.

We went to a Collage World Series Game.

That was fun.

We celebrated 21 years!

Love that man.

Besides our Door County trip, that is pretty much it.

I really tried focusing on my health this summer. Both my therapist and doctor were urging me to exercise.  It is so important for your mental health. I was tired of feeling so lousy on the inside.  And I wanted to feel strong.

I had been doing my seven minute app.  The app takes you through seven minutes of a exercise for a specific body part.  I was doing arms and abs.

 I hated it.  It was only fourteen minutes of my day and I dreaded it.

I needed to find something else.  First I just sort of did my own routine.  But that was super boring.  Then I came across Piyo.  Ever heard of it?  It's a cross between yoga and pilates.  It's all low impact and NO CARDIO.  I hate cardio.  But that doesn't mean I don't sweat.  In fact after every workout I am dripping.  I started it on August 1st.  And guess what?  I love it.  I look forward to it.  It's six days a week with one rest day and between 40 and 20 minutes long.

The program suggests that you take before pictures, then some after thirty days and then again after sixty.  I am nervous for my thirty day pictures.  I feel like I am going to be disappointed if I see no change.  My goal isn't to lose weight.  I want muscles!

Of course Jaime has warned me about some things.  She knows I have severe body issues.  And whatever goal I reach....it usually isn't enough.  So we talked about some ways that I can keep this from getting  out of control .  One of which is that i never weigh myself.  So far so good! And I promised that I will let myself be happy when I reach my first goal.  And that is to be able to do a push-up (the manly kind) with just inches from my nose to the floor.  It probably sounds like a pathetic goal but I have absolutely no upper body strength.

But guess what?  I am getting close.

Maybe I'll be brave enough to post the before and after pictures.  We will see.


Door County

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's been so long since I've blogged that I almost forgot how. 
I have a lot to say but lets start with our summer vacation.  We went to Door County, Wisconsin.  It's a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan. 
It was very pretty.  The weather was perfect.  We camped at a really nice, clean campground.

We spent most afternoons at the beach.

We toured a lighthouse.

We climbed to the top. 

Which terrified me because I am scared of heights.  But I did it!

Besides cheese, Wisconsin is also known for cherries.

The best part was spending time together.


It was a nice, relaxing vacation. 
But its always good to get back home.